Johannes - Profiel
Johannes v/d Heuvel - Profiel

An ‘impersonal’ introduction on a website
can never match the excitement of meeting
me in person (I imagine), but it’ll have to do.
At least for now - there’s always the future.

Introduction about Johannes

I was born (1966) and raised on ‘de Veluwe’,
the quiet, pastoral heart of the Netherlands.
I’ve moved to bustling Amsterdam 25 years
ago and still experience the occasional case
of culture shock. My many hobbies include
films, music, whisky and the world wide web.

Thanks to a fairly spartan ‘lifestyle’ I’m currently able to
make a modest living working for a boss 3 days a week.
This gives me the freedom to pick and choose when
it comes to other projects I could spend my time on.

Profile of Johannes

Since 1995 I’ve done a lot of ‘web work’ - including
E-strategy, web marketing & content management.
I write, edit and translate Dutch and English texts
as well - and German if I really have to. I hope to
show a few recent examples of some work in the
‘projects’ section once the new website is finished.

The length of my resume can be partly attributed
to the simple passage of time. However, along the
way some useful knowledge and skills must have
rubbed off on me; my full resume is 4 pages long.
(And that’s after trimming it down from 7 pages.)


I’ve got nothing to be ashamed about, so my
complete resume was available on-line for years.
However, after an attempt at identity theft I’ve
had to remove some details from this website.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to receive my resume by e-mail.

Welcome to the purely personal website of Johannes van den Heuvel;
writer, amateur philosopher, cinema-enthusiast and malt whisky lover.
Since 1995 I’ve been developing websites, and for a long time this site
evolved along with my skill set. But now it’s time for a major overhaul.

In april 2015 Google decided that old-fashioned websites like these
should become harder to find in the future. I don’t like the fact that
the whole world wide web is ‘dumbed down’ to cater to smart phone
users, but I guess I’ll have to start a major overhaul...

I’m afraid that this personal site is not very high
on my list of priorities, so over the next couple
of months there will be very little to see here.

For now, I’ve included a Twitter feed at the
left which might give you some insights into
my stream of consciousness. I’ll spend more
time on social media in the future, but first
I’d like to refurbish a couple of my websites.

After I discovered the web in 1995 I’ve been
involved in hundreds of internet projects.
I’ve workeld both independently and within
teams on websites, portals, communities
and apps for various clients and employers.


Apart from these ‘professional’ projects
I’ve worked on many ‘hobby’ websites
as well - most of them still static HTML.

Some fundamental changes of the web
in 2015 (SSL & mobile design) have made
some sites obsolete, but Malt Madness
is still alive and kicking. More news soon.

These days there are many ways to contact me.
Quite frankly e-mail is my favourite by far...


I also have several phones, but whenever one
beeps I’m usually in the middle of something.

Well, I’d like to think that it is. But it also means that I’ll need the next
few months to restructure and refurbish some of my older websites.
Things might not evolve as fast as I’d like, because I’m also working on
a new ‘Cinemaginarium’ website with my brother. Part of the ‘work’ that
needs to be done is re-watching some 3,000 films, so that we are able
to write a proper review for all the movies we’ve enjoyed recently.

I’ve also used social media - with favourits
being Twitter and LinkedIn - but if you are able
to build your own sites that’s even better, no? 

Johannes v/d Heuvel, Hans van den Heuvel

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Dit is de persoonlijke website van Johannes v/d Heuvel -
begenadigd amateur-filosoof, schrijver en humorist...

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Information about Johannes


July 1, 2015 - Hurray! It’s exactly 20 years ago
that I invested 5,000 guilders in a new computer.
This made me discover the world wide web - and
my life hasn’t been the same ever since...

July 1, 2014 - Hurray! I’ve managed to keep my
weight below 100 kilo’s for more than a year now.
Not only do I physically feel much better than I did,
life is still quite enjoyable without excessive food.

February 5, 2016 - I’ve succesfully reached the
ripe old age of 50 years today - without too many
signs of wear and tear. I’m not a ‘party animal’
exactly, but this calls for a modest celebration.

April 15, 2014 - For years, playing rugby kept
my weight in check. Walking and cycling are my
form of exercise now, but the long Dutch winters
usually mean I’m mostly dormant for six months.

More 'local' news on Johannes

And this concludes the local news - so far.
Follow me on Twitter for tweets & re-tweets...

August 1, 2014 - I’ve refreshed more than two
dozen Schotch whisky distillery profiles and details
were added to the interactive map of Scotland.
Next up: The Beginner’s Guide to malt whisky.


April 11, 2015 - Part of the repairs to the old
Malt Madness site are done: a Beginner’s Guide to
malt whisky. The number of visitors has dropped off
in recent years, so I’ll focus on another site now.

December 24, 2014 - Just before Christmas, a
large chunk of the Malt Madness website crashed.
I cursed long and hard, but perhaps it’s just as
well - SEO & SSL issues needed to be resolved.

June 21, 2015 - The longest day of the year is
here again, but thanks to the crappy weather we
have had so far the Midsummer Night’s Dream
party in the woods had to be postponed.

March 1, 2015 - To me, freedom is the ultimate
luxury. My current employer is very flexible, but
working for a boss three days a week is even
better than working four. More time for projects!

January 1, 2017 - Happy new year!
Updates to this website have been few and far
between because working on sites and apps with
a larger audience is more motivating. Sorry...

October 1, 2016 - One month ago I’ve started
a project as senior online marketeer - and I
like the actual work. However, the commute is
3,5 hours, so I can’t wait for the contract to end.